Why can't I place a bet?

Sports bets can only be placed with real money. If you have not yet deposited or your account has no or very little credit, head to the deposit page to pay money into your account. If it is sufficiently funded and you still cannot place a bet it might be due to one of these reasons:

- your account or the Sports service is closed. Lift the closure in "My Account /Advanced Settings / Service closure" if you applied it yourself or contact our Customer Service team through our Contact Page if you had asked them for the closure.

- your account balance is restricted to a non-Sports bonus. Release or delete the bonus to remove the restriction (keep in mind that the bonus amount and any winnings will be removed if a bonus is deleted) or make a new deposit.

- you are trying to use a FreeBet for an invalid event or bet type. Most FreeBets are subject to restrictions, check the FreeBet banner to see which events your FreeBet can be wagered on and if pre-match or live placement is allowed.

- you are trying to place a related bet. Picks cannot be combined into the same multi bet when one pick has a direct effect on the outcome of another. For example, you cannot combine a pick "Team A to win 2-0" with a pick "Team A to win" in the same bet slip.

- a winning limit is preventing you from placing the bet. Our bookmakers are entitled to impose winning limits for certain events or markets. Read more about winning limits here.