How does the friendship program work?

b'friends: Here's how it works

b'friends is the easy way for you to earn great rewards when you tell your friends about us. It’s simple! We will generate your own unique personal link and you can then choose how you want to share it via a number of different yet straight-forward ways. When a friend who is not already a player with us clicks on the link, registers on our site and makes a deposit, you’ll both be on your way to earning rewards.

b'friends offers you multiple ways to share:


You may also manually enter up to five of your friend’s first names and e-mail addresses at a time. They will then receive the invitation e-mail from us.


Prefer to instant message your personal link to your friends or simply e-mail it or post it yourself? All you need to do is select the relevant option, copy the link to your clipboard and then paste it wherever you want.

Your invitations

We’ve created a handy way for you to keep track of all your invitations:

“Friends invited” refers to the number of friends you have invited by e-mail (either by importing contacts or by manually entering their e-mail addresses). Posting your link on a social network does not increase this counter, since it is not possible to calculate how many friends you will reach.

  • “Friends accepted” refers to the number of friends that have actually clicked on your personal link and registered on our site, regardless of whether they have made a deposit or not. This is totally independent of the sharing channel used to promote your personal link (e-mail, social network, etc.).
  • “Rewards received” refers to the number of rewards you have received after your friends have met the relevant event they need to complete before you get your reward.

If you’ve been referred

The following information is relevant if you have signed up and chosen a specific sign-up bonus. The bonus has restrictions attached; you can see these details in the bonus section of your account and track your progress towards them. For the friend who invited you to receive their reward, you must first meet the qualifying event criteria (this is not related to the sign-up bonus restrictions).

Sign-up bonuses, restrictions, events and rewards

Sign-up bonuses

Depending on the active b'friends promotion, your friends may have different options when registering and selecting a sign-up bonus. Your friend’s choice of sign-up bonus, apart from any sign-up bonus restrictions, also sets the qualifying event they must meet before you get your reward, as well as the reward itself.

Sign-up bonus restrictions

All sign-up bonuses have restrictions; these restrictions are visible in the bonus section of the player’s account.

Qualifying events

For you to get your reward, your friend will have to first complete an event, which may be:

  • Points Event – earn a number of points
  • Sign-up Bonus Event – fulfil sign-up bonus restrictions
  • Poker Hands Event – play a number of raked poker hands

Please note: sign-up bonus restrictions and the associated qualifying event can be completed simultaneously, where appropriate. For example, if the bonus restriction and qualifying event are met through earning points, points earned contribute to both targets.

b'friends reward

Once your friend has successfully completed the relevant qualifying event, your reward will be of one of the following:

  • Cash – cash to spend as you please
  • Bonus – a bonus amount for which you must meet some requirements in order to withdraw or use
  • Freeroll – a poker tournament entry
  • Tournament token – money to enter any poker tournament
  • Points – points which can be used at the Market but won’t affect your loyalty level

Please click here for the b'friends Terms and Conditions.