b'friends Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions. In addition to the definitions set forth in Our Terms and Conditions of Use, the following definitions shall apply: 'You' are the person inviting a friend via the b'friends Page; 'Invited Friend’ is each of the persons being told about the Platform via the b'friends Page; ‘Sign-up Bonus’ is the sign-up bonus for the Invited Friend; ‘Bonus Restrictions’ are the restrictions the Invited Friend must meet in order to release the Sign-up Bonus into his/her account or be able to cash it out (depending on the bonus type); ‘Qualifying Event’ is the event the Invited Friend must meet before You receive Your reward; ‘Reward’ is what You receive when the Invited Friend meets the Qualifying Event. The current offer(s) for Sign-up Bonus, Bonus Restrictions, Qualifying Event and Reward are set out in “b'friends” How it Works page.
  2. Eligibility. You are entitled to participate in the b'friends program and invite Your friends and acquaintances to open an Account on any of Our Platforms. Close relatives of Yours (parents, siblings, children, spouse, partner and any other family members with the same surname), and persons giving the same email address as You or using the same deposit account (same CC, bank account, e-wallet, mobile payment, etc.) as You, will NOT be accepted as Invited Friends. Additionally, each of Your Invited Friends must not already have an Account or have previously held an Account with Us. You or Your Invited Friend(s) must not be resident in a Restricted Territory.
  3. Invitation alternatives. The b'friends program offers several alternatives to invite an unlimited number of Your Friends. All alternatives incorporate the use of a “personal link” (unique per Player) which tracks the invitations You will be sending, as well as the performance of Your Invited Friends. Where any Invited Friend is located in a territory different to the territory in which You reside, the personal link will direct the Invited Friend to the most appropriate Site for their location. Invitation alternatives include: Email where You enter up to five of Your Friends’ first names and email addresses at a time; Export Contacts where we allow You to scrape Your Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN/Hotmail contact lists and send emails with Your personal link to Your chosen contacts; Share where we allow You to tweet or post Your personal link through social media; Promote where You copy your personal link and use it however You may wish. If using an email alternative, You must ensure that the individuals You invite have consented to receive Our email invitation, are eighteen (18) years of age or over (or the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside) and do not reside in a territory in which the Service are restricted.
  4. Invited Friend: Actions to Receive the Sign-up Bonus. In order for Your Invited Friends to receive the Sign-up Bonus in his/her bonus account, he/she must complete the steps below in the following order:
    1. Click on the personal link that You have made available to him/her, through any of the invitation alternatives, which will direct him/her to a “landing page”.
    2. In the “landing page”, he/she must either (i) choose the Sign-up Bonus if multiple Sign-up bonuses are available and click to accept the Terms and Conditions, or (ii) click to accept Terms and Conditions if a single Sign-up bonus is only available.
    3. In less than 30 days, Your Friend must either download/install Our client-based application, or register through our non-downloadable client.
    4. After registration, make the first deposit, according to the relevant “b'friends” program terms, into his/her real money Account.
  5. You: Conditions to Receive the Reward. In order for You to receive the Reward for inviting a Friend:
    1. Your Invited Friend must complete steps 4(b) to 4(d)
    2. Your Invited Friend must meet the relevant Qualifying Event, as displayed in the “b'friends” How it Works page. Until doing so, he must not forfeit his signup bonus, or let that expire.
    3. You will get the Reward that is offered at the time your friend completed steps 4(b) to 4(d).
    Even if You are a play-money player, You may refer your friends; however, you must become a real-money player before an Invited Friend meets the Qualifying Event in order to receive your Reward.
  6. Revealing Invited Friend’s Account data. By taking part in the b'friends program, the Invited Friend agrees to You being informed about the registration, as well as the completion (or not) of the Qualifying Event.
  7. Final Provisions. In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and in case of any violation of these conditions of participation, We reserve the right to exclude You and/or any Invited Friend from participating in the b'friends promotion program.

We reserve the right to change or cancel the b'friends program at any time without prior notice. The Standard Promotional Offer Terms and Conditions apply, except as otherwise specified above. All activity is governed by Our Terms and Conditions.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances of any of our employees are excluded from taking part in the b'friends program.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.

Last modification date: 3/29/2018