Cash Out Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for 'Cash Out'

We may offer the option 'Cash Out' for placed bets: You will have the option to accept settlement of bets You have placed before the result of the bet is determined. The ‘Cash Out’ amount is calculated based on the current odds and is subject to change depending on when you chose to accept a 'Cash Out'. If ‘Cash Out’ is available for a placed bet, the corresponding symbol will be displayed in the ‘My bets’ section (live betting) or the ‘Cash Out’ section (sports betting - prematch) of the bet slip.

  • The ‘Cash Out’ functionality is available for single and multi bets only. System bets are not part of the ‘Cash Out’ functionality.
  • Any ‘Cash Out’ selection will not count towards wagering restrictions if bonuses are used to place the bet.
  • Where any bet is frozen or closed immediately after the customer's request before the conclusion of the 'Cash Out', the 'Cash Out' will be blocked.
  • If the ‘Cash Out’ value has changed immediately after the customer’s request before the conclusion of the 'Cash Out', the ‘Cash Out’ will be blocked unless the customer opted for 'accept all payout values' in his settings.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend ‘Cash Out’ offers without further notice.
  • We do not guarantee the availability of ‘Cash Out’ offers for any event or betting type at any time, even if it has been offered for the same event or betting type before.
  • We cannot be made liable in case ‘Cash Out’ is not available for technical or any other reasons. We recommend explicitly not to place bets based on the assumption that ‘Cash Out’ will be available at a later point in time for the respective bet.
  • If a ‘Cash Out’ is accepted by us when the result of the respective bet has already been determined, we reserve the right to void the ‘Cash Out’. We also reserve the right to void and reclaim any ‘Cash Out’ where there is indication for abuse of the ‘Cash Out’ feature.
  • The ‘Cash Out’ functionality is not available for bets placed as ‘Freebets’.