What is 'Each Way' betting? - Horses

‘Each way’ betting is an option offered to you for horse races only. If you choose the each way option for your race winner bet, you in fact place two bets: one on your pick to win, one on your pick to finish on ‘place’ – that means on one of the first ranks. Detailed terms depend on the number of actual participants in the race, e.g. 5-7 participants: if your pick finishes on second place, the bet is settled based on ¼ odds of the odds for the race winner.

Each way terms:

2-4 runners - Win only 
5-7 runners - 1/4 odds first and second-placed runners 
8 + runners - 1/5 odds first, second and third-placed runners

In Handicap races, the following place terms apply: 
12 + runners - 1/4 odds first, second and third-placed runners 
16 + runners - 1/4 odds first, second, third and fourth--placed runners

Please note that the horse racing betting line-up might not be available in your country or on your device.