What is a tournament?

A Poker Tournament is a competition where players compete in poker games until there is one winner, tournaments can be held with as few as two players to thousands. Players are eliminated when they run out of chips. All of the players in the tournament play until one person has amassed all of the chips, that remaining player is the winner.

Each tournament has a buy-in as well as a fee. The buy-in is put into the prize pool to be won, while the fee is kept by bwin. The size of the prize pool depends on the number of players competing in the tournament and will be paid out in its entirety to the winners.

To start the tournament, each player is dealt a card. Whoever receives the highest card starts the game as the dealer. Each player's goal is to amass as many chips as possible. Anyone who loses all their chips is removed from the tournament. As the competition continues, more and more players are eliminated until only one remains, who is crowned as the winner!