How Do Virtual Sports Work?

Virtual Sports are a graphical representation of a Random Number Generator (RNG). Each competitor/horse/greyhound in these virtual events is weighted according to the odds displayed. The competitors with higher odds stand a lower chance of winning but can generate higher returns. The competitors with lower odds stand a greater chance of winning but can generate lower returns. These races or events are presented with state-of-the-art graphics to mimic a real football match, american football match, basketball game, tennis match, horse race, greyhound race, darts match and many more.

You can bet on virtual events in much the same way as their real-life counterparts: you can back a virtual horse win or each way for example, or in a virtual football match you can back a team to win, the correct score or the number of goals. You simply pick your desired selection and add to the bet slip in the same way you would on a real-life event.