UK Slot Gameplay Changes

Q. My favorite slot seems to run slower, is something wrong / Has my account been restricted?

A. There have been new regulatory requirements enacted on all Slots for UK players as of the 30th September, not just for our site, but for all players on other UK sites. Consequently you may find game play to be at a more paced measure, with the option to use quick play disabled.

Q. My favourite game plays different – I have been playing game X for years and know how it should feel. Somethings changed, did you change the RTP / Payouts / game engine?

A. No. The only changes due to regulatory requirements for all UK sites and players are that turbo or quick play is no longer available. Nothing in the games payouts or theoretical RTP has changed at all.

Q. I am still sure that there is something wrong with my game; since the spin speed changes I am getting less payouts / bonus features / other

A. The games are still certified and maintain the same checks and assurances they always have, and the long term theoretical RTP will remain unchanged. The only change is to spin speed, there are no changes to payouts or any other aspect of the game returns. If you have serious concerns then we can send your play for checks; if you can provide a specific session or game ID we can get that checked for you.

Q. I've heard these changes are coming; will my favorite game x still be available to play after the changes?

A. Yes, most likely. The aim is to maintain all of our content with only  a handful of the  1400+ games we have on site being retired.