Bet types

The bet slip supports 3 different bet types. Single bet, Multi bet (Combo) and System bet.

  • Single - you may place your selected bets as single bets. Please note that you need a minimum of one bet in your bet slip to place a single bet and you will have to place an individual stake for each single bet.
  • Multi - you may place a bet as a Multi/Combo. All bets added to the bet slip are combined and their odds multiplied giving a total odds value. Please note you need more than one bet in your bet slip to place a Multi bet. A stake placed as a Multi bet will not count as a single bet.
  • System - a system bet is an advanced version of the Multi bet. System bets enable you to play all the possible combinations of your selected bets.

Example of a two-out-of-three system bet (system 2/3). You choose 3 events from the betting line-up and select a two-out-of-three system bet. This way, you play out all the possible pairs of accumulators the three bets can produce. That is a total of 3 Multi pairs using the 2 out of three bets. The system types are generated based on the number of bets you add to the bet slip.