Does bwin charge inactivity fees? (ROW)

Inactive accounts will be charged with an admin fee (the "Inactive Account Fee") for the amount of EUR 5 per month.
If you have less than EUR 5 on your account, only the remaining amount on your account will be cleared until your balance has reached EUR 0. It will not cause a negative balance.

Why does bwin charge fees?

The account admin fee is charged as permanently inactive customer accounts require considerable organizational efforts.

Would I have to pay extra fees if I reopen the account?

No additional fees will be charged if you re-open your account.

When is my account not for free anymore?

Your account is free as long as you use bwin products actively. In accordance with industry standards, after 12 months of inactivity an account admin fee will be charged.

How can I avoid the inactive account fee?

The "inactive account fee" is only applied when your account has been inactive for a period of 12 months or more. The fee will become immediately inactive as soon as you use one of the many bwin products for real money stakes.